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Ultimate Occlusion

Products and Services


Designed for the most discerning patients, this service provides the best in craftsmanship and materials. We provide full contour and stippling, and all partials are returned on duplicate models.  We have a large stock of high quality teeth but are happy to supply whatever brand you prefer.


This service provides a high standard of work at an extremely reasonable cost.  All partials are returned on duplicate models.


With our many years of experience working alongside the economics of the health service, we produce high quality dentures with total professional.

Fast Repair Service

When speed is a priority, we are happy to provide a 24-hour return service for repairs, additions and relines.

Other Products

  • High Impact Acrylic

  • Soft Linings

  • Special Trays

  • Whitening Trays

  • Bite Raising Appliances

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